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"Having a quiet, professional, DEDICATED place to go and work has changed the game for my business. I drop in here 4 days a week and get 10x done what I do in a coffee shop or my house."


"I am currently working on my own start up. I am grateful to have a chance to work with Darren and Hamlet CoWorking. I have the chance to run ideas with Darren, who's business knowledge is above amazing. He has a wonderful way of seeing things outside the box and his suggestions have always been spot on.
The office space is inviting and warm, it opens you up to exciting dialog with fellow co-workers. This is definitely the place you want to be when working on your business, as comfortable as home, not stuffy like a traditional office and always friendly!"


"For three years, I commuted from Cedar Park to Downtown Austin. What a waste of 20-30 hours a month! I'd been looking for a co-working space in Cedar Park for a while and was delighted when Hamlet opened its doors. The place is clean, quiet and distraction free. You don't realize how much more you get done "away from the house" until you give it a shot. Well worth the investment."


"My favorite part of going to work is all of the creative energy. It is so cool that our business is under the same roof with other business run by some of the smartest in their field. Everyone there enjoys work success and a work/life balance and shares ideas and motivation. Darren, the owner, is a super nice guy and a fantastic business coach. He has created a work environment that helps small businesses grow quickly. His insight comes with the business space, and we have seen significant growth much faster than expected because of his help. Our customers are impressed with the decor and the professional environment. His conference room is a great place to meet clients, and the open work space is wonderful for collaborating. Darren is good with setting up coworkers who are similar, and respects workers needs and arranges space so that everyone is comfortable in their work space."


"Stop the miserable commute downtown, get out of your house and go to the Hamlet. It is local, professional, and your productivity will skyrocket. Just think what you could do with your wasted commute time!" 


"I've been coworking at the Hamlet in Cedar Park now for a few months and love it!  No need to commute downtown when I can stay here and work.  It's a great space with plenty of conference rooms which helps when I need to meet with clients.  No more need to meet at Starbucks when I can come here to see clients.  Can't say enough about the place and would recommend it highly if you are looking for coworking space up north of Austin."

About Us

Who works at The Hamlet?

Hamlet Coworking offers a network of fully furnished affordably priced and highly flexible suburban Austin office spaces where growing startups, remote workers, and freelancers get stuff done.

Why do people love it here?

Pay by the month. No lease, no utility or internet contract, no hassle. Come and go when you want, grab a coffee, sit or stand and get to work with screaming fast internet. Avoid the costs, pain and legal complexities of a traditional office lease. 

No long commute.

If you live in the suburbs why not work close to home saving time money and your sanity. Austin commutes are torturous. We're presently in multiple Cedar Park locations on Lakeline, 183 or Bell Blvd. and soon we are headed to Leander, Hutto, and Liberty Hill. All our offices are close to freeways and Tollroads if you need to move around town.